Permission Groups

ConnectPath utilizes Permission Groups to determine what a user, once logged into ConnectPath, can do and/or see. This is similar to Security Groups in Amazon Connect (which ConnectPath also uses to determine which native Amazon Connect features may be displayed/interacted with).

The users screen looks like the following and can be accessed off of the main menu:

Users that are created in Connect but not ConnectPath (e.g. users that have not logged into ConnectPath and ConnectPath instances in which the users were not synchronized using the synchronize button) will default to a defined Permission Group. On new instances this is the admin permission group (one of two default permission groups: admin and agent), to facilitate initial setup of the ConnectPath instance:

In the above screenshot you can see the two default groups as well as a custom group. The Admin group is the default that all new users get, in this case.

It is recommended the default permission group be changed to the most restrictive permission group once a set of admin users have been defined (in terms of default permission groups, this would be the agent permission group).

A few notes about Permission Groups

Access to the API feature is limited to “Instance Admins” currently.

“Instance Admin” gets all permissions, regardless of what the default permission group or admin permission group is configured for. This is intended to be used in “break glass” scenarios where change of permissions for an admin/privileged permission group inadvertently removes access to manage permissions.

Specific permission definitions within each Permissions Group may be found below:

Name – Name of the group

Description – Description of the group

See metrics and perform operations for ALL queues in the instance

On – Shows the user metrics for all queues on the home screen

Off – Uses the user’s routing profile to determine which queues the user should see metrics for on the home screen

Enable AWS CCP as a Pop-Up

On – Engage tab has no softphone controls and instead the Amazon Connect CCP is opened in a new window

Off – Default ConnectPath behavior


All – Item may be viewed, edited, created and removed

View (or Enabled/Disabled) – Item may be viewed

Edit – Item may be edited

Create – Item may be created

Remove – Item may be removed


Hours of Operations – Settings > Adhoc / Holiday Closures

Phone Number – Deprecated

Communication and Presence

Team Status – Interact with Team Status Drawer

Announcements – Interact with Announcements feature

Raise Hand – Interact with Raise Hand Feature

Directory – Interact with Directory/Directory Contacts

Silent Monitor – Interact with Silent Monitor Feature

Change Outbound Queue – Allows selection of queue to use when making an outbound call

Toggle Recording – Controls state of recording while in an active call

Users and Permissions

Users – Manage Users

Security Profiles – Manage Permission Groups

Integration – Manage Integrations

Custom Links – Manage Custom Links

General – Manage General Settings

Channel – Manage Channels

Reporting – Manage Reporting

Routing profile – self – Self-service Routing Profile Management

Global Contact – Manage Global Contacts


Own Activity – Provides access to see own activity in Activity Search

All Activity – Provides access to see all activity in Activity Search

Same Queues – Provides access to see activity of the same queues as the user, based on the user’s routing profile

None – Provides no access to Activity Search


Recordings – Provides access to Recordings in Activity Detail

Transcripts – Provides access to Transcripts in Activity Detail

Analytics – Provides access to Analytics in Activity Detail


Agent Performance – Provides access to agent performance widget on home screen/dashboard screen

Recent activity – Provides access to recent activity widget on home screen/dashboard screen

Average times – Provides access to average times widget on home screen/dashboard screen

Agent availability – Provides access to agent availability widget on home screen/dashboard screen

Contacts – Provides access to contacts widget on home screen/dashboard screen


Video – Provides access to user to create a meeting (video call) on Engage screen