Login page

The Login process is the same for all Dextr dashboard users. It assumes that your Amazon Connect Instance administrator has gone through the Onboarding process, found under the Free Trial request at https://Dextr.Cloud. Once this has been accomplished you will be given a login URL that is in the format of https://go.dextr.cloud/yourcompanylogin and can click the Secure Login button. Here we will be using https://go.dextr.cloud/docs-example

Login Page

You can also login by going to https://go.dextr.cloud and entering the name of the Instance chosen by your Administrator. In this example dextr-docs was typed in the Instance Alias field.

Login Page 2

Amazon Connect CCP

By clicking the Secure Login button you’ll also trigger Amazon Connect CCP window, hinting you to enable popups and to enter your username and password given by the Amazon Connect Instance administrator.

User Login

After entering your username and password, Amazon Connect CCP window will be replaced with the login summary. Clicking on the Go to Dashboard button will bring you to Dextr Home Dashboard.

User Summary

Allowing microphone use in Dextr

If you are using the Softphone options, with a headset plugged in to a USB port on your computer, you MUST grant Dextr permission to use your microphone and sound options or you will not be able to change your status to AVAILABLE or participate in calls.

Enabling mic

When entering Dextr without granting permission to use your microphone, Dextr will remind you to please grant access whenever you try to make a call or change your Agent Status.

Mic blocked