The Dasbhboard

The Activity dashboard is the Instance history of phone calls. The rows will display:

  • Contact
  • Date/Time
  • Duration (Connected and Queued)
  • Direction (Inbound, Outbound, Callback or Missed)
  • Queue
  • Type (Voice/Announcement)
  • Disposition (if enabled in settings)
  • Agent

The Activity dashboard also features filters and details upon click.

Activity Dashboard

Date Range, Keyword and number of calls Filter

This is located at the top / header of the Activity dashboard:

  • Date Range filter (Component 1) will allow the choosing of 2 dates, displaying all the activity in-between.
  • Keyword filter (Component 2) searches for any matchup you input in the field. There is also Preset dropdown in the left side with the most common inputs for filter.

Date&Keyword Filter

Filter bar

Located at the left corner, it’s used to filter and sort calls by:

  • Type.
  • Queues.
  • Users.
  • Dispositions.
  • Initiation method.

Filter bar

Configure Activity Table Columns

At the right side of the header you have a gear icon which allows you to configure the order of the columns by drag, or hide/display columns of your interest.

Configure activity

Export Activity

Located at the right corner, you can click the Export button to export current results (this includes filters applied) shown in the table.

Export activity

Once created, the activity results will be displayed in the reports page.

Export activity 2

The search box will accept simple searches using Date Range, or composite searches where you can specifiy a given value for Keywords.

When a keyword is not specified all available columns are searched with the given input in the Date Range.

Simple search

When using Keywords, all items that contain the keyword are searched. For example, inbound will return all Inbound calls.

Keyword search

Alternitively, you can specify which columns are searched. This allows you to be more granular in the records you wish to see.

Ex. queue: basic will return only items from the Basic queue.

Composite search

Chain composite searches with the ‘&’ operator.

You can use the & operator to link two keywords and their values in the search.

Ex. queue: sales & channel: email will return voice items from the queue BasicQueue.

& Operator

Searching for attributes

You can search for a given attribute and its value.

Ex. attribute: spanishQueue, true will return all contacts with the Contact Attribute spanishQueue equaling true.

Available keywords

Here is a list of all available keywords for composite and simple searches:

  • agent
  • queue
  • disposition
  • time_queued
  • time_connected
  • channel
  • attribute
  • customer_endpoint
  • system_endpoint
  • transcript

Preset Searches

There is also a preset search dropdown that will automatically populate the keyword input field with the most common of the composites searches.

Common Searches

Activity Details

This is activated upon clicking a record, and enhances the level of details.

Activity Details 1

You also have the option to keep track of the interactions with a customer through the Related activity tab (bottom right corner), showing any previous interaction you had with the customer.

Activity Details 2

Activity Notes

Per records, you’re able to add notes by creating them. This is done when clicking the Add a note button.

Activity Notes

Contact Lens

You can also view transcripts, sentiment analysis and smart recording playback thanks to the Contact Lens integration.