Historical Reports

Within the Historical Reports TAB you can build, schedule, share and export historical reports without any restrictions on time period. YTD, QTD, MTD and numerous other relative time filters. Export in PDF, share with private URL’s and Dextr Flex’s instant messaging.

Create Report

At the top right corner of the dashboard you can click the Create Report button to build an historical report.

Create Report

Fill out the Name, Report Period input fields, and click on the Run report now button. You can also filter reports by Queues or Channels.

Schedule Report

You can also Schedule the release of reports (by day, week, month) and set up the delivery of these by sending a notification to an Email.

Schedule Report

Report Dashboard

At the top side of the page you can see different details (Generated, Time period, Requestor and Filters) and an Action button that allows you to either build a schedule, or export the report as a PDF file. The report is also composed of 4 different tabs: Summary, DNIS Detail, Queue Detail and Agent Detail.

Report Dashboard


The summary tab shows general metrics and charts you can look at to ease the process of keeping track of your Call Center. You can see the agent who has the most influence per period, or the queue that is most active by looking at the Agent Distribution and Queue Distribution graphs respectively.

Agent Charts

You can also look at the amount of contacts attended with Contacts by Interval (Months, Weeks or Days).

Contacts By Interval

DNIS, Queue Detail, Agent Detail

These are customizable tables. You can customize them by clicking the Configure Table button to hide or change the order of the metadata. Depending of the tab, the metadata will be filtered by either DNIS, Queue or Agents activity.

DNIS Customize

The metrics found inside of these tables are: Contacts Handled, Missed, Avg. Talk Time, Talk Time, Avg. ACW, Holds, Holds Duration, Longest Hold and Abandoned.

DNIS Details


By clicking the Actions button, you’re able to:

  • Export the report a PDF. Please take note that all modifications done to the table will be reflected in the PDF file.

Export Report