Use an existing Kinesis Stream

If you already have a Kinesis Stream for your Amazon Connect instance, you may wish to keep that in place. In this section you will learn how to use your existing kinesis stream to feed Dextr its required data.

Section 1 - Amazon Connect

1.1 Click on your Instance Alias

Instance Alias

1.2 Click on Data Streaming

Data Streaming

1.3 Note the name of your existing kinesis stream(s)

Kinesis Stream

Section 2 - Lambda

2.1 Search Lambda for ctrStreamHandler

Stream Handler

2.2 Click on dextr-“your-instance-id”-ctrStreamHandler.

Instance Alias Handler

2.3 Click on + Add trigger.

Add trigger

2.4 Click on Kinesis

Kinesis Trigger

2.5 Select your existing kinesis stream

Kinesis Configuration

2.6 Change batch size to “5” and click Add

Batch size