General Troubleshooting Steps

For Issues with Logging into Dextr, Verify that:

  • Approved origins in Amazon Connect are correctly configured
  • User with issues exist in user lists (Amazon Connect user management, Dextr user list)
  • The Instance Admin can login
  • The Username case as created in Amazon Connect and Dextr matches

For Issues with Transferring calls, Verify that:

  • Quick connects are set up in Amazon Connect
  • Quick connects are set up in Queues
  • Agent belongs to a routing profile that contains the queue and the assigned quick connects

For Issues with Ability to change status, Verify that:

  • Permission is enabled in security profile (Team Status - edit)

For Issues with the Ability to use the raise hand function, Verify that:

  • Permissions are enabled in the user’s security profile under Communication and presence

For Issues with Call troubleshooting, Verify that:

  • Inbound / Outbound options are enabled in Amazon Connect
  • Queue has outbound caller ID number configured
  • Look out for misconfigurations in Contact flows

For Issues with Reports, Verify that:

  • S3 bucket permissions are set correctly
  • Dextr settings - Instance details - Reporting bucket is set correctly
  • Permissions are enabled in the users’ security profile

For Issues with User creation, Verify that:

  • Verify that username doesn’t already existing
  • Verify that fields were filled correctly

For Issues with Recordings not showing up, Verify that:

  • Enable the permission in the user’s security profile under Quality Analytics

For Issues with SAML Integration, Verify that:

  • SamlLoginUrl field has the Single Sign On login URL

Data Collection Guidance

When reporting issues with Dextr, it’s helpful to collect and provide the following details so that we may be more responsive in addressing your concerns:

  • Agent Name(s)
  • Agent Location/Type of Location/Type of Internet Connection
  • Dates/Times of Issue(s)
  • Description of Issue(s)
  • Contact ID related to Issue(s)
  • Type of contact (Inbound/Outbound, Voice/SMS/E-Mail/Fax/Chat, Conference/Transfer)
  • Instance Alias
  • Instance ARN (if available)
  • Actions Taken
  • Behavior Experienced (Lack of functionality/expected behavior, Audio Issue, etc.)
  • If Audio Issue, how would it be described?
  • Impact
  • Is this a systemic issue impacting all users, aliases and regions?
  • Can issue be reproduced the native Amazon Connect CCP?
  • What are the results of the other self-service tests you’ve run through Dextr?