Setting up a block on Anonymous callers

You can Leverage a “Check Contact Attributes” block in your call flow to check the Caller ID of the caller, and if the caller’s number is “Anonymous” you can then decide how you want to treat that call differently than the rest of you callers. Here are the steps you will need to follow:

1) Log into your Amazon Connect environment, or if you are Logged into Connect Path with an administrative account, you can click on the icon in the lower right of the home screen, and that will open your Amazon Connect Interface in a new tab.

2) In the Amazon connect interface Navigate to the Call Flows interface.

3) Locate the call flow where you would like to add the check to determine the call is being sourced from an Anonymous Caller and open that call Flow.

4) Once in the Flow, identify the stage in the call flow where you would like to add the check to determine if the caller is an anonymous caller (in my example, I opted to place the check immediately after I play my initial prompt to the caller).

5) In the blocks panel on the left-hand side of your call flow, open the section called “CHECK” and Drag and Drop the “Check Contact Attributes” into your call flow in the general area where you would like to add the check.

6) Go into the setting for the “Check Attributes block” and put in the following settings.

a.  Set Namespace = System

b.  Set Key = Customer number

c.  Under "condition to check section", click on "add another

d.  Set Condition = Equals

e.  Set Value = Anonymous

f.  Your Block should look like this:

7) Click the Save Button

8) Depending on where place this in your flow, you will need to connect the “Success” Step of your previous block to the newly added “Check Contact Attributes” block.

9) In my example, I chose to play a prompt to the Anonymous caller, so I dropped in a Play Prompt block from the Interact section of the call Blocks Panel on the left side of the screen. To keep my Flow a bit clean I also pulled in a Disconnect Block from the Terminate section.

a.  My message was a simple text to speech noting that "Sorry, we do
    not accept calls from Anonymous numbers".

10) You will need to connect your “Check Contact Attributes” out put to the rest of the flow

a.  You will need to connect the "= Anonymous" output to the next
    step you want to take with it. In my example, I connected this
    to my Play Prompt in step 9, but you could also just connect it
    to a disconnect block.

b.  The "No Match" output needs to be connected to the next block of
    your normal call flow.

11) Click on “Save” in the upper right corner and then click on “Publish”.

This is what my flow looks like once I added the my Anonymous caller check:

You have now successfully added a process to prevent Anonymous from getting to your users.